Relationship Coaching

Especially For Christian Leaders*

Safe, Professional, Confidential, Faith-Based 

Relationship Coaching

In-Person or Online

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Thank You.

*Christian leaders in churches, organizations, businesses, and communities have the most important job in the world.

I have been in all of those roles during my career. It is a sometimes crazy – always challenging world. I get it.

Check out the first 2:12 of this video to hear what pastors say about us.

Coaching for leaders

Donation-based in-person and online coaching for leadership individuals and couples.

Get restored, refreshed, and reconnected with God, your own soul, your spouse, and your purpose in life.

Coaching for those who are not Leaders in churches

Flat Fee-based in-person and virtual coaching for individuals and couples.

Get restored, refreshed, and reconnected with God, your own soul, your spouse, and your purpose in life.

Consultation for Pastors and  leaders

Sometimes you want to talk to someone outside of your organization. Ask a question. Make a request. Talk about a situation. Or share a win.

We provide the confidentiality you need, a listening ear, and our experience/training.

Who we are and why we do this

Hi. We are Dave and Marla. This is us in our happy place. We love these “instagram moments.” But we’re not always happy with each other or life. Feeling disconnected is inevitable  because of our design as humans. Now what?!

Let us help you get restored, refreshed, and reconnected.


“…unbiased and gentle approach to bring life back to relationships… truth in love… deeply care about you and seeing you thrive.”


“…we were really struggling to communicate… I went in thinking nothing could help… Dave provided us with the unbiased care and concern that we needed… shared useful, practical tools… we loved how he helped us build on our skills in every session… helped more than we thought was possible.”


“…so warm and personable… great questions to help us learn more about how we can work better together… a variety of tools to facilitate communication and promote openness… our marriage has changed night and day.”


“…we were stuck in some damaging and unloving patterns… he was so approachable – bringing a balance of compassionate listening and frank questions to assess our troubles, provide hope, and get out of the muck… offered effective tools and resources… more than that, he saw us… this was a journey into a healthier marriage and friendship with sound, Biblical, tested theory and tools… coaching was an exceptional experience.”


“… they were literal life and marriage savers… go beyond theory… good practical application for daily life and marriage skills…”


“few couples in our life that we would trust… this was our most broken time… they jumped into the water with us… God centered… deep unconditional love… willing to ask hard questions but with compassion.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Coaching the right approach?

I have a Bachelor’s in Divinity, a Master’s in Counseling, and I’ve been a Board Certified Coach since 2015 but the question you have is, “Can he help me?”

I also have specialized training in: C-IQ (Neuro-science of Relationships); Trauma; Acceptance and Commitment; Attachment; Mild-Moderate Anxiety and Depression; Grief; Abuse Cycle; Affairs and Recovery; Gottman’s Seven Principles; Addiction and Recovery; Grief. If there is something else you are looking for, ask. I will be honest about my training and limitations.

In general, couples get the most benefit from coaching when they want to be on the same team, find a way to quit blaming, and are open to learning new skills.

Individuals get the most when they are open to looking at how their own thoughts, behaviors, and emotions can change.

Coaching is best for people who are ready to learn new tools, skills, and practices and is not a subsitute for therapy when that is called for. I can get a good sense about that in the first couple of sessions and have helped many couples and individuals who initially appear to be completely stuck.

What's special about your work with couples?

My coaching is based on the way humans are designed and what we’ve learned about our brains and emotions and behaviors. We use evidence-based tools and practices which support trust and find meaningful connection. This has to work in your real life as a leader.

I meet with the two of you together and also with each of you individually because that works.

I help couples learn to use their brain to support rather than sabotage their  relationships.

I understand how/why people change and help couples work as a team as they change ineffective patterns.

I help you gain comfort with new skills and measuring your progress toward the meaningful connection you want.

What kind of mental health issues do you help with?

Along with my education and experience as a pastor, my recent work with a major mental health provider has provided hundreds of hours with people dealing with mild – moderate anxiety and depression.

Coaching is not a substitute for therapy but the coaching approach has been effective in a broad range of situations which used to be reserved for licensed counselors and therapists. I can usually determine in a few sessions if coaching could be an effective approach (sometimes alongside of therapy).

I will be honest about my limitations because I want you to get the level of support that is right for you. When I cannot directly address something, I often know about a helpful resource.

What do you mean by faith-based?

Right. That statement could mean a lot of things.

As a coach I respect every person’s responsibility to decide what they will believe and practice. As a follower of Jesus Christ, however, I will not use any approach until I have determined how it is aligned with the message and mission of the Bible.

Here is a brief example. When the idea of ‘boundaries’ became popular, I was initially unmoved. I was determined to survey the life of Jesus in scripture to see if He had clear boundaries before I could accept the concept. Then, what I found in His life could inform my life and my coaching.

For me, faith-based is about integration of my faith with my coaching. When I am coaching with people who share my faith, we can explore a source beyond our human wisdom and ability.

Why is this especially for Christian Leaders?

I am a Christian and I have served in a broad range of volunteer and paid leadership positions in churches, organizations, community, and business. It is a world I understand.

Christian Leaders feel the weight of a mission that is far larger than their capacity and the pressure of the needs of those around them. Most do not know who will understand their sometimes crazy – always complex life. I do.

Christian Leaders need to know where to turn for a safe, professional, confidential, and faith-based resource. They need to know they will not be judged or shamed for the struggles they experience in their relationships. They need to know their story will be kept private.

Many can’t afford the full cost of the services they need to continue to do the most important job in the world.